TMR 169 : Blue Suede Truths (with Antony Rotunno & Julian Charles)

In what may be the only conversation on the planet that unites Country Joe & the Fish, The Beatles, John Cage, Cassetteboy and The George W. Bush Singers, we welcome back Antony Rotunno, teacher, blogger and free thinker for a relaxed, entertaining and music-filled conversation on the power of music to challenge thought and perception in the pursuit of truth.

Following on from our earlier conversation on “Truth Comedy”, we this time discuss the power of music to reveal political, social and inner truths, by considering two contrasting—and yet in some ways complementary and inter-related—C20th musical traditions: the outward-challenging protest song, and the inward-challenging musical avant-garde. We also discuss some issues in aesthetics and consider the relationship between the so-called “Truth Movement” and the arts. (For show notes please visit

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