TMR 147 : Tony Gosling : Bilderberg, Brexit and Blairite Coups

What is this strange thing called the Bilderberg Group? Is it something that we should we be concerned about? Or is it, as many people say, essentially just a “talking shop” for rich people?

To put us in the picture, we welcome back to the programme Tony Gosling, investigative radio journalist and former BBC reporter. Tony, who came on TMR back in 2013 to discuss the “official” and “unofficial” histories of this infamous Group, now joins us to share his experience of covering the 64th Bilderberg Meeting, which was held recently in Dresden, Germany, between the 9th and 12th of June.

We also discuss the political climate here in the UK following the EU Referendum, and the anti-Corbyn coup by the parliamentary Labour Party. (For show notes please visit

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