TMR 142 : Dr. James W. Sire : Apologetics Beyond Reason

We welcome veteran Christian writer and speaker James W. Sire (PhD, University of Missouri), formerly a senior editor at InterVarsity Press. Author of many well-known books, such as Scripture Twisting and The Universe Next Door, James Sire joins us to discuss his mature approach to Christian apologetics as we explore his latest book Apologetics Beyond Reason : Why Seeing Really is Believing.

Drawing us in with an unusual, but intriguing, argument—”There is everything. Therefore there is a God. Either you see this or you don’t”—James Sire invites us to ask questions about reality and the way in which we read its “signals of transcendence”.

“Christian apologetics lays before the watching world such a winsome embodiment of the Christian faith that for any and all who are willing to observe there will be an intellectually and emotionally credible witness to its fundamental truths.”—Sire, A Little Primer on Humble Apologetics, p. 26 (For show notes please visit

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