TMR 078 : J. P. Holding : Hitler’s Christianity

Was Hitler an atheist? Was he an occultist? Was he a Christian, as some allege today? Or was he, perhaps, something else altogether?

Joining us this week is J. P. Holding, President of Tekton Apologetics Ministries and author of the book Hitler’s Christianity, who maintains that Hitler was indeed something else altogether: an adherent of so-called “Positive Christianity.” Rejecting large portions of the Bible as too Jewish, despising biblical teaching, and even claiming that Jesus was really a blue-eyed and blonde-haired Aryan, Postive Christianity was an influential New Religious Movement in Germany during the first half of the Twentieth Century that distorted Christianity by combining it with ideas of racial purity and Nazi ideology. It is here, argues J. P. Holding, that we get the closest glimpse of Hitler’s religious views. (For show notes, please visit

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