TMR 077 : David Malone : Trade Deals and the Death of Democracy

TPP, TTIP, TAFTA, TISA, ISDS? What does all this acronym soup of so-called “international trade agreements” mean for you and me? Nothing less, maintains our guest David Malone, than the Death of Democracy. Warning us that these prosaically named and apparently benign “agreements” presage the effective takeover of nation states by global corporations, David Malone explains why he nevertheless believes there is still hope: if only we will leave behind the solutions of the past, and “fight the peace” together.

In a career spanning nearly twenty years, independent film-maker and author David Malone has produced and directed documentaries for both the BBC and Channel 4. His series Testing God was short-listed for the Royal Television Society best documentary series. In 2008, his production for the BBC, High Anxieties – The Mathematics of Chaos, was among the first documentaries to be made about the current financial crisis. He is is also author of the highly-regarded book The Debt Generation published in 2010, which critiqued the scandalous bailing out of the banks and the effete political system that allowed that to happen. (For show notes, please visit

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