The Ezra Apocalypse: Daniel Ott interviews Ken Johnson

Ken Johnson

The Ezra Apocalypse

Ken Johnson says the Ezra Apocalypse is the only non-Catholic book included in the KJV 1611 Apocrypha. It contains many prophecies about the end times. Quoted often by the church fathers of the first and second century AD, this apocalypse reveals the rise of Islam. In chapters 11-12 there is a prophecy of a three-headed eagle symbolizing how the Roman Empire would split into three empires. The empires would die out and leave three kingdoms ruling in the last days. Chapters 15-16 contain a prophecy of the DragonNations of Arabia.

This Islamic power devastates Syria to the point that Russia must step in to control the issue. This Syrian war sets the stage for the beginning of the Last Days. The book also contains numerous prophecies about the signs of the birth pangs and details about the Rapture of the church, revealing that the end is near.


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