The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter: Michael Basham’s SpiritWars

Experience the Heavenly Realm: The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter!

-Do you need to be a guru to spirit travel?

-Why is spirit travel important?

-The experiences that helped Chris to start believing this was real

-Steps to See in the Spirit:

Imagine the room you’re in.
2. Ask the Lord out loud where He is.
3. Trust your very first impression.
4. Ask Him: “Lord should You come close to me or should I come close to You?”
5. Once you’re there, say: “Lord tell me one thing You like about me?” 
6. Ask: “Lord, what’s something You know about me that I don’t know about myself?”
7. Then: “Would You take me to the Garden?”

-The meaning of the word “imagination”

-Don’t worry because it should feel like it’s coming from inside ofyou.

-Relative’s testimony of deliverence in clinical madness situations.

-Massive changes to come.

-We are in a new position according to the stars.

-Jesus wants to know us…. He never rules what He doesn’t know.

-Not taking people in a group into the Spirit till seeing oneself as a ferryman

-Taking people from a lower realm to a higher like St. Christopher.

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