The Bruce Collins Show- 8/28/15- Guests: Lowell Ponte and Mary Sutherland

Lowell Ponte

• Author

• Political Pundit

• Radio Talk Show Host

Lowell Ponte is the co-author of The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives’ 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends. His diverse background includes being a reporter in Washington, D.C., a legislative aide in the California Assembly, one of two co-owners of a successful Hollywood public relations firm, a consultant and speaker for various corporations and trade associations, and dean of a distance-learning university.

He worked for 15 years as a roving editor for Reader’s Digest magazine. He has done reporting in 33 countries from Indonesia and Israel to Communist Cuba. His articles have appeared in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times and many other publications.

Ponte, a native of Southern California, hosted radio talk shows in Los Angeles for 17 years. More than 300 radio stations have carried his nationally syndicated radio shows.

On television, Ponte worked for four years as commentator and reporter on KCET-TV, the West Coast Production Center of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in Los Angeles.

Ponte is author of “The Cooling” (Prentice-Hall), a prophetic investigation of global climate change and environmental modification warfare that has been used as a textbook at the U.S. military’s National Defense College. He is a former futurist for a Pentagon-consulted think tank, where he developed scenarios for exotic kinds of warfare and high-tech terrorism.

Ponte, who holds the equivalent of a master’s degree in international relations and a Ph.D. in English, also is founder and President of several organizations, including the Jefferson’s Birthday Committee dedicated to making Thomas Jefferson’s April 13 birthday a “National Holiday for Taxpayers.”


Mary Sutherland is an author and researcher focusing her work on consciousness
studies, ancient history and unusual phenomena. She is a “hands on” researcher
and the creator of one of the largest website on the internet with hundreds of pages
providing information on the paranormal, UFOs, ancient races and their cultures,
sacred sites and power points of the world, underground tunnels and cave
systems, dimensional worlds , metaphysics, etc. The governor of Kentucky
commissioned her as a ‘Kentucky Colonel” for her work on the ancient sites of
Kentucky. For the last 5 years, she has been exploring, mapping and documenting
the ancient underwater structures of Rock Lake – near Aztalan. For the last fourteen
years she has been documenting the ancient sites around Burlington, WI.

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