The Bruce Collins Show- 4/21/16- Guests: Tank Jones from the new movie UNION BOUND and Bill Deane, investigative journalist

Based on the amazing true story of Joseph Hoover, a Union Soldier who was captured and then aided by slaves finds freedom. Sean Stone (son of Director Oliver Stone) plays the real life soldier, Joseph Hoover.  Hoover receives the help of freed slaves on his journey back to the Union in this story based on the real Joseph Hoover’s diaries.


Tank Jones Picture

Tank Jones is an Actor, Currency trader and Entrepreneur. As an actor, career highlights include: -Breaking Bad -Three Kings -CSI: Miami -Rules of Engagement Tank has also appeared in numerous commercials, endorsing products for name brand clients like Budweiser, Sonic and All Detergent.

As a performer, Tank was booked at the Miss USA Pageant and co-hosted the pre-show with former Miss USA Shauntey Hinton and toured Wal-Marts across the Southwest.

Inspired by an event that took place at his high school, Tank founded the Choices Educational Empowerment program. The program was designed to motivate and inspire youth all over the country to work hard and give their best in all they do. Choices awards scholarships annually and gives away Success Journals to students.

Mentored by the co-creator of Six Sigma Mikel Harry, Tank created the Success Journal to help people create a plan to go from where they are to where they wish to be in a proven, yet simple way.

Bill Deane

SMOOTH CRIMINAL, A One-Man American Crime Wave exposes how the Government’s secret release of criminals to conduct dangerous overseas assignments backfires when they return home. Bill Deane is an investigative reporter and former CBS News assignment editor for thirty years.

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