The Bruce Collins Show- 2/5/16- Guest: Julie Hall

The Estate Lady - Julie HallWhen Julie Hall moved to Charlotte in 1993 from Texas, she became a full-time entrepreneur by relocating her company The Estate Lady to this area. As her company grew in Charlotte, she continued her education in her field to become a certified personal property appraiser and a certified auctioneer, as well as an estate sale professional.

As a popular lecturer to groups dealing with older adult issues and the challenges of dissolving residential accumulation, Hall is making her mark as having not only an eye for personal property appraising but also in predicting personal behavior when valuable property is at stake. She writes and speaks on behalf of seniors, educating them why it is important for them to deal with their personal property before they become infirmed or die. Hall also educates their Boomer children guiding them through the entire process in the event their parents have not already done so. Hall also advises of what has value versus what does not in an estate, alleviating confusion and pressure among those left behind to deal with the personal property distribution.

Growing up in Texas, Julie received her undergraduate degree in communications from Stephen F. Austin University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Upon graduating, she joined the corporate world in Houston as a pharmaceutical and medical devices sales person. Her work consisted of much travel. In her free time in different cities, she visited antique shops and began her interest in antiques and collectibles. As a sideline business to her corporate job, she began The Estate Lady and was mentored by two prominent and well-respected antique and art dealers in Houston. Both mentors provided encouragement and knowledge that is invaluable in her appraisal ability today.

During her time in Texas, she also became an antique dealer. In this role, she learned that she had a natural penchant for appraising and a special passion for working with and advocating for seniors, who are often taken advantage of when they were faced with parting with their possessions. Today her integrity, passion and experienced eye are the cornerstones on which The Estate Lady’s reputation in Charlotte has grown.

Hall is married and she and her husband have one daughter. Julie is the author of What Am I Going To Do With All My Stuff?

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