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SpiritWars000000191: Michelle Carmela Saldana of Once Upon An Eden!

Michelle Carmela is a survivor of various crimes against children’ s and humanitarian rights. The list is as follows: *Child labor slavery in the United States, *Incest, *Forced prostitution/under aged porn/deviancies *Satanic Ritual Abuse (Cerimonial deviancies) *Religious Sexual Abuse involving ( but not limited to) the Catholic church, the Protestant and other denominational religions *Other […]

Fringe Files – Episode #11 – Detestable Things with Guy Kallberg

< Brandon is joined by Guy Kallberg on this episode. Guy’s story was briefly documented in the documentary film “Detestable”. On this episode Guy tells us his the rest of the story including run-ins with satanic covens. Please visit us online at www.castemoffradio.com. Show Notes: The Detestable Documentary – www.detestablefilm.com Podcast: Play in new window […]

FLYBY: Victims Elite

           The orchestration of unspeakable acts. The plot and execution of massive agendas that poison us, Enslave us, And legislate us into forced compromise. The manipulation of whole continents with wars and withholding. The creation of monsters for whom we pay to be slain. The distractions of interest rates, refinancing and […]

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