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Episode 28: Inclusivity

Why do we seek to be inclusive and tolerant? Is it human nature or a recent development? Frankly, we are a bit skeptical that anybody truly adheres to a fully coherent sense of what inclusivity means. Given that Christianity is pretty much the most inclusive thing out there because “God so loved the world he […]

CCR 050: Confessions of Mr. M

CONFESSIONS OF MR. M. We were contacted by someone who claimed to have knowledge of high level U.S. government operations. He requested to come onto the show and give his insights, experience, and knowledge pertaining to various topics of interest including drones, military weaponry, government connections with entertainment media, shadow operations and more. While we […]

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CCR 034: Fear

Basil and Gonz discuss the topic of fear in light of the Halloween season. We live in a society drenched in fear. Most products, ideas, and even entertainment is driven and sold as a product of fear. The guys explore and draw from personal experiences as well as a sociological assessment of culture to address […]

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CCR 012: Transhumanism, Personhood, and Fear

TRANSHUMANISM, PERSONHOOD, AND FEAR: What do they have in common? Basil and Gonz discuss several articles written on IEET.org (Institute of Ethics & Emerging Technologies). The topics discussed are non-human personhood, animal rights, and fear of technological advancements. LINKS H.R. 3166: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-112hr3166ih/pdf/BILLS-112hr3166ih.pdf Non-Human Personhood: http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/leland20120530 Humanist VIew of Animal Rights: http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/tittle20120603 Technology and Fear: http://ieet.org/index.php/IEET/more/wicks20120529

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