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Arches of Egypt – Episode 8

As far as these authors can tell what is written in this chapter HAS NEVER BEEN PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED OR WRITTEN. The construction of the TA has followed a singular law or rule. The TAOT was established upon the conquerting of the lands of Egypt and Israel (and Babylon). The Arc de Triomphe (ADT) in Paris […]

Arches of Egypt – Episode 4

In this episode Chad picks up with the reversal of the Exodus and takes you through all that was “undone” as Judah was sent back into the bondage of Egypt. Also we go into the antithetical nature of Rome and the Arch in opposition to Jerusalem and the Temple. A mind blowing episode you don’t […]

Arches of Egypt – Episode 1

INTRODUCTION – Welcome to the first episode of The Arches of Egypt – Under the Triumphal Arch of Titus hosted by: Chad Schafer.  This episode will introduce you to the program and briefly discuss what you can expect about Chad Schafer and Doug Krieger’s book of the same name.  We will go chapter by chapter […]