SpiritWars000000062: AJ Nichols Party Priest

A.J. Nichols has appeared on CBN and used to work with John Crowder.  Recently we have been talking extensively about how to share God’s love with people through the internet. . .

At last a wholesome foundational Spirit Wars show!  At least, for me this is about as down to Earth as I’ve been able to come in recent years.  (WARNING, THIS EPISODE DOES CONTAIN MYSTIC INGREDIENTS).  We fellowship and talk about the wonderful love that God has for us, and get high on His Spirit.  After some of the ultra Fringe topics SpiritWars has touched upon recently this is a welcome feast I found very edifying.  It even has a bonus Optimus Prime intro where he instructs all autobots to stay alert for any future heresies that may try and creep into our realms (a natural side-effect of going ultra Fringe).

Here is a video of Mr. Nichols at a glory filled meeting, where he was the DJ:



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