SpiritWars000000028: Reassembling the Ft. Lauderdale Five!

Some Fringe church trivia for you:  which of these pictured here and in this podcast are not originally a part of the Ft. Lauderdale 5 who started the Shepherding/ Discipleship Movement some decades ago?

Enjoy some teachings by Don Basham (on Deliverance),  Bob Mumford (a new teaching) and Ern Baxter (“CAN GOD USE YOU?”) as well as a Samurai who can hardly speak English but who will try and introduce them, plus some Scripture readings by Optimus Prime.  Primarily releasing these crucial foundational teachings to help steady the ship amidst all the other SpiritWars shows that have been. . . well, out there to say the least!

Send all contribution to the Mission in Zambia headed by Thomas Morrow:



And welcome to join the BASHAM REPORT for an interesting update on Fringe Youtubers and websites!

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