Why the USA faked the Moon Landings, with guest Mark Morrow

I, Daniel Lovett, had the wonderful privilege of connecting with a few dear brothers, my cohost Michael Basham and fellow Fringer Mark Marrow!

(Podcast can be found at the end of this post!)

Mark Morrow is the voice behind the audio presentation of David McGowan’s work, Wagging the Moon Doggie. The complete audio recording can be found here: https://puregracepodcast.com/misc-interest/wagging-the-moondoggie/

I would recommend the rest of Mark Morrow’s work. I am currently listening to his presentation entitled, “Your Identity in Christ”. Check it out here: https://puregracepodcast.com

David McGowan’s work can be found at The Center for an Informed America: http://centerforaninformedamerica.com/

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I became intrigued by David McGowan’s work, Wagging the Moon Doggie, and this launched me into a highly entertaining two weeks of researching whether the moon landings were faked or real. Honestly, I went back and forth a few times during my research because, as most everyone in America, I was raised to believe the moon landings were real. I mean, there was a photo on the cover of Time magazine of the moon landing! President Obama affirmed the “fact” of the moon landing! Even “Adam Ruins Everything” attempts to ruin this conspiracy theory! Myth Busters “busted” the “myth” of the conspiracy nuts theories!

How much were they paid? I wonder.

But, of course, there is the other side of the story.

I found it entertaining that Jim Carrey came out revealing Neil Armstrong as a liar:

Neil reveals himself as a liar if you’ve ever watched the uncomfortable press conference after the supposed moon landing. “No stars could be seen”, they said. That’s because the stars was something they couldn’t fake in the movies they made.

Of course the clincher in this whole debate is the fact that Nasa has admitted that we never went to the moon:

And here is the documentary mentioned by Michael Basham: A funny thing happened on the way to the moon

Have fun researching this for yourself! And enjoy this well presented podcast from Mark Morrow!

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