Sarah Westall: WHY?? Hillary & Top Cabal Criminals Will Not Be Indicted w/ John Singleton

John Jay Singleton returns to the program to discuss why he believes Hillary and other top cabal criminals will not be indicted. He explains how bonds are used in the criminal justice system for multiple purposes; making money for the cabal and a convenient system to remove criminal indictments/prison time. This concept is foreign to almost all Americans and, for that reason, it is a hard concept to accept as truth. As such, it is important for everyone to do their own research on this issue. See the following links for more information:
Where anyone can search forms for the bid, payment and performance bonds, among other things,
Ask lenders, insurance companies and whoever you gave an application of any kind where your SSN/DOB and legal name were required/included, for the CUSIP numbers assigned to the “instrument”, the instrument was the application you signed:
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