Podcast 049 : Interview : Barrie Zwicker : Conspiracy Theory – Analysis of a Weaponised Term

The veteran Canadian journalist, media critic and documentary film producer Barrie Zwicker joins us for an analysis of the term “conspiracy theory” or “conspiracy theorist.” Weaponised by the CIA in the late 1960s as a device for its assets in the media to discourage criticism of the Warren Report, the term “conspiracy theorist” became a powerful thought-stopper and has functioned ever since as a tool of psychological control. Barrie Zwicker also shares with us aspects of his experience as a 9/11 Truther, offers advice on how to respond to accusations, and gives us his forecast on the mainstream media’s coverage of the 50th anniversary of the “execution” of JFK.
(For show notes, please visit TheMindRenewed.com)

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