NDE Howard Storm, A Second Chance at LIFE – SOZO EP0002

SOZO Talk Radio EPISODE 0002 (http://sozotalkradio.com)

This podcast contains Howard Storms Near Death Experience (NDE) testimony and answers to some very deep questions!

Youtube video of this interview from Feb 1st 2018:

When I heard Howard Storm’s Near Death Experience for the first time, it changed the course of my life forever and God used it to bring healing to my heart. I remember telling my wife his story and just weeping. Why my reaction? Because his story is fairly similar to my own. We both experienced hell and Jesus came to our rescue. Please take the time to listen to this interview. You won’t be sorry that you did.

Howard Storm Jesus

Howard’s Story:

Howard died at 38 of a ruptured intestine and was then escorted by familiar spirits into darkness… (read more here: http://sozotalkradio.com/2018/02/01/nde-howard-storm-a-second-chance-at-life-sozo-ep0002/)

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