Mythos Episode 2: UVB-76


Mythos, Episode 2. UVB-76

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Nothing weird is out of bounds in this blog turned story series, read by me, Gary S. Pritchett. Each episode begins innocently enough, with a brief introduction, then quickly spirals into mayhem with a reading from one of my own books…or takes the listener on a journey, dragging legendary characters and creatures through time and space into fictitious versions of historical events. The line between mythology and accepted reality is sometimes blurred by a War Of The Worlds type recording, leaving you to decide where the myth ends and your imagination begins. Humor and sarcasm are usually involved in equal doses, and it’s best to just listen while you drive…nothing you’ll hear is really happening. Or is it?

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Something else you should all know, I’m really bad at pronouncing names, maybe the worst ever. Just felt you should know. Anyway, now…onto the show.

How many TV shows end with worldwide fan viewing parties? I was happily invited to one several years ago for the Lost series final episode. Fans of that show will remember that one of its first mysteries revolved around a radio signal. Stranded passengers eventually tracked the signal to an earlier castaway, Danielle Rousseau, who recorded a distress message loop that had been broadcast from an isolated abandoned tower for at least 16 years.

TV fiction meets Russian reality in a swampy area near St. Petersburg where an empty radio station has been broadcasting mysterious tones, and some occasional numbers and words, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 40 years. Could the show’s writers have known about this station, and turned it into the real headquarters of the DHARMA Initiative?

The mystery of the real life radio station is not so much its location, but its purpose. It’s known as “MDZhB” (originally UVB-76, which some listeners still call it) and its signal, broadcast at 4625 kHz. The hissing broadcast can be picked up by anyone with a shortwave radio tuned to that frequency.

Radio towers and abandoned buildings are visible from behind an iron fence in St. Petersburg, and the radio station has most likely been transmitting from there since 1973 when the signal began broadcasting. A buzzing noise, and odd Russian words, are broadcast every few days. The station. has a fan base that listens to it religiously, referring to it as the Buzzer, and fans maintain recordings of odd broadcasts.
The most famous transmission came on January 24, 2013, when listeners heard this most ominous output:
“Command 135 initiated”

That command might have been a notification that a second location, near Moscow, is now active. Or was it telling spies through the world that this site is now the reporting entity for a “Dead Hand Switch” – an autonomous system set to launch nuclear missiles in the event that no humans are left to push any buttons – and previous broadcasts and instructions from other locations are now null and void?

Another theory is that it’s used by the Russians as part of their missile tracking system. Then there’s the idea that it’s a way for Russian spies to send each other secret coded messages masked within the squelch.

The “Command 135 initiated” message in 2013 has left some to speculate that it was a signal of military readiness for an anticipated event, spoken of in hushed tones by trench coat clad operatives roaming dark alleys. Our imaginations run wild because no one knows what this signal is actually being used for.

It could be some sort of signal jammer rather than an relevant transmission itself, or even a placeholder for a cherished spot on the shortwave dial, just in case that frequency is ever needed for any purpose…nefarious or otherwise.

Some even question if a sub-frequency might be embedded within a radio signal that could be used to alter vibrations controlling thoughts and emotions on a global level? Are the Russians working with HAARP or DARPA, and the Lost writers were secretly trying to tell us something more?

Keep an open mind, and ear or two, and if anyone learns more please contact me…you know I’ll be listening.

Thank you to one of my most inspirational friends, author Mark Combs, for alerting me to this story. Be sure to visit and pick up his books. You are incredible Mark.

I reached out to a dear friend, Christina Peck, for help with this episode, she’s the voice of Azzie…and my beautiful wife Cindy is playing the part of Anna. Anyone that has read my book, Dream Weaver, will recognize Anna as the insidious Artificial Intelligence bent on ruling the world. And in a nice twist, Cindy gets to be involved once again to keep her in line.

I’ll read the roll of Caleb, always one of my favorite characters…and now…onto the fictional part of this story, one that until now, has lived only in my imagination.

A shortwave radio might not be the best gift for a friend.

Christina: (Azzie) calling Caleb on her phone: Hey Caleb, I can’t sleep so, you can’t either. Someone’s best friend gave her a really cool present and forgot to tell her how to turn it off.

Gary: Azzie, you know I don’t sleep, but I was trying. (LONG PAUSE) Okay, let me guess, my awesome present keeps filling your room with that same twisted radio signal we’ve both been obsessed with…and you want me to tell you that it’s okay to just unplug it. Sorry, but that shortwave radio was wreaking my life, and I thought I’d share my sleepless torments with you. You know I’m a jerk, but I couldn’t turn it off either, and you’re stronger than I am. If anyone can figure out our mutual problem it’s you, not me.

Christina: Yes, yes Cal, you are officially a jerk, and you gave me the gift of insomnia.
No thank you very much. I want you to come over here right now and take this thing away. Your buzzing radio is all I can think about anymore. It’s not even funny, and now I’m hearing other sounds in the background.

Gary: What do you mean? That piece you gave me was weird, but what else are you hearing? I thought some stuff was masked under the squelch, but I’d hoped it was just me going crazy. Tell me what you’ve got.

Christina: I listened too closely, and it’s too late to go back now…that recording I sent you just got even stranger.

I was crazy tired, and on a hunch read the names from the other broadcast into Siri. She directed me to iTunes, and told me to downloaded an App called Anna Knows. It was seemed like more than a suggestion. I hit OPEN, and it started talking to me. Yes, crazy isn’t the word for it.
It seems that there’s a code hidden in the repeating text, mixed inside the buzzing. The app listens to the broadcast, and deciphers an underlying transmission. It tells you things. Really, I’m not kidding.
I used a free app and found a whole world of weirdness.
Not so much in the text, but between the words, somewhere in the background.
Each thing “She” translates directs you to a different rabbit trail, then smack down the hidden rodent hole…it’s been there the whole time and I’m taking you down there with me. Anna Knows gives me short links to resources that relate to words masked in the sound, and I’m dying to start asking her questions.
Just download the app now and we’ll both drink the Kool-Aid together. You’ll need a really big glass.

Gary: Okay Azz…Give me a minute to take the red pill and close my curtains…I don’t want Agent Smith to see what we’re doing. Put your phone on speaker, turn up the sound on the radio, and I’ll download this Anna Knows thing.

Christina: Awesome. As soon as it loads I’ll play that last transmission again. Tell me what she tells you. I’ll queue it up.

Gary: Got it. Here goes…but don’t push that button yet. I want to ask it some things that you and I were talking about before you play your recording.
Let’s see where this goes, and it’s been nice knowing you Azzie.
Anna, what is The National Security Act of 1947.

Anna: The National Security Act of 1947 is the cloak world wide entities hide behind. They also use DNA altering frequencies to bombard global society. Everything is actually the frequency it radiates, and these can each be changed and corrupted.

Gary: What the…okay Anna…Tell me something about Artificial Intelligence.

Anna: Read the book Dream Weaver for information about A.I. and downloaded dream manipulation using WIFI and RFID chips.

Gary: Kind of vaguely terse aren’t you Anna? Next up, say anything about CERN.

Anna: Anthony Patch is the reference source for CERN information. Time, space, and multiple dimensions become warped and fragmented with each usage. Portals are opened that we should not discuss at this perceived time. Others are always listening.

Gary: Azzie…what have you gotten me into? Okay…I know this is all my fault for getting that radio, but this app is all on you. Would you ask your Anna app about dimensions associated with time. That’s more your thing than mine.

Christina: Sure, why not? Anna, tell me something about dimensions.

Anna: Josh Peck discusses dimensions and multi-dimensions in a way that many can understand. Look to his written and spoken resources for more information. We can not be as two dimensional Flatlanders when seeing the bigger picture, much will be missed and misunderstood.

Christina: Hey, I know that guy! Okay Anna, tell me something about HAARP.

Anna: Listen to Canary Cry Radio, episode 124 for information about HAARP
geo-engineering and ionization of the atmosphere. Geo-engineering is used as a combined US and Russian endeavor for weather creation using chem trails to manufacture weather conditions over financially hostile governments and locations, disaster profiteering, and to create prime real estate from wasteland.
Also geo-engineering is used to introduce genetically created organisms into viable human and animal hosts.

Gary: This is crazy!!! Who is operating this app?!?! I’ll ask it the next one, okay Azz?

Christina: That’s fine with me…I’ll sit this next one out and think quietly in the dark.

Gary: Cool, I’m about to curl into the fetal position myself. Anyway, okay Anna, say something about Singularity.

Anna: Directed C4 surveillance and neural operations are being used to bring about the Singularity. Using the radio signal, directives are given for Illuminati One World Order operatives. See Operation Bluebeam and Operation Paperclip for a timeline.
The Manhattan Two Project and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency are actively involved.

Christina: So unreal, and too very real at the same time! Anna, tell me something about the Universe.

Anna: In the end, Ether is life, and Electromagnetism is death. Reference the Thunderbolts Project scientists and the Electric Universe. Look for Plasma Entities in the atmosphere.

Gary: I’ve got no idea what any this means…but I’m going to find out.

HELICOPTER SOUNDS OUTSIDE OF CALEB’S HOME. Three loud beeps come through Caleb’s iPhone, and the same three beeps sound outside his door. Knocking begins on Caleb’s door. Azzie hears him arguing with male voices and their phone connection ends. Azzie hears the radio signal she recorded being rebroadcast and repeated.

HELICOPTER SOUNDS OUTSIDE OF AZZIES DOOR. The same three beeps ring on her iPhone, and are repeated outside of her door…and the knocking begins…

An interview with Christina Peck follows the show.

Please check out the links for my books, and for my incredible friends as well.

Thank you for listening!

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