Dr.Michael Heiser | The Divine Council of The Elohim and The Gods of The Bible

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Michael Heiser is one of today’s leading researchers on Biblical language and context. Michaels research also goes into what is know as the divine council of the elohim. Which are originally the gods of old that were sanctioned by Yahweh guard over and keep watch over different parts of the earth. This is reflected back in the new testament as principalities, powers, rulers and authorities.

When it comes to understanding the spirit realm we must be able to make the distinctions between the different types and hierarchies of the angelic and demonic orders as well as the spirits who are neutral and dwell in the unseen realms.

One of the big things about Michael Heiser is that his lectures and teachings are so deep and complex that it’s very easy for someone who isn’t on the same scholarly level that is on to get lost during his presentations. I know this is not his intention but some of the concepts he touches on that are very elementary are oftentimes too deep and profound for people to grasp without having years of study. There is a huge lesson in this because many teachers fall victim to teaching over people’s heads without even knowing it. This is the reason why in this episode I started it off by asking Michael to try his best and keep it very simple. Try and keep it so that if a person who has no idea what these concepts are and are hearing the information for the first time won’t feel overwhelmed and lost. So he did and like I said it still makes for a very good teaching with the focus being on trying to keep it very simple and you find that what is simple for Michael Heiser is very deep for the person brand new to this research. All in all I think this was a great introduction to The Divine Council of the Elohim and expressing some new ideas that many mainstream christians are not ready to hear. Which kind of leads us to another question that I asked Michael.

Why do you, a Biblical and religious scholar tend to reach out to the UFO and Paranormal community?

His answer was perfect. He said that the people in UFOlogy and paranormal circles tend to be the ones who aren’t afraid to discuss untouched topics and are usually people who are already asking the bigger questions. With that being said it’s different from being within the christian church circuit and be almost trying to convince people that his finding about the elohim and paranormal things in the Bible are true. At the lectures and conventions he already has an audience who are ready and will to learn and he doesn’t really have to set the groundwork for people who are merely there simply out of religious obligation. I found myself in this same realm with my podcast, teachings and music as well. The goal is not to convince someone to believe what I believe but to simply share what I have researched and found to be true. This is a beautiful place to be seeing that you don’t have to trick someone into believing your church doctrine or even need them to validate your beliefs. I’ve been there before and let me tell you, there is much more peace over here on this side of the discussion. You don’t have to dominate the conversation, you don’t have to try and get the last word in or anything. Just simply share your research and discuss the things you love that have potential to benefit and cater to the lives of the people interested in the same fields. Like attracts like and in the end whatever research you are interested in sharing or studying will find the right audience. I have found this to be true with the information and road I have been on as of late. Your vibe attracts your tribe. If you build it, they will come.

Michael Heiser is widely known for his theological/paranormal science fiction novels, The Façade and its sequel, The Portent. He is a frequent radio guest and has appeared on many talk shows, including Coast to Coast AM, The Laura Lee Show, Art Bell’s Dark Matter Radio, Future Quake, Radio Liberty, Canary Cry Radio, Skeptiko, Line of Fire, Crosswalk, Like Flint Radio, and Extraordinary Intelligence. Mike’s fiction has produced a ministry to people whose worldview is molded by occult, paranormal, and esoteric beliefs. Mike maintains three blogs that reflect his interests and expertise: The Naked Bible (biblical studies); PaleoBabble (debunking strange beliefs about the ancient world); and UFO Religions (belief in extraterrestrials as a post-modern religion).


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