LET’S GET JACKED UP! “Spooky Bible Stories” (Halloween 2019)

On this spooky Halloween special, Tim and Bobby, with some help from other folks, tell spooky Bible Stories in a dramatic way that you and even your kids will enjoy! Headlining story is the story of the witch of Endor! Who needs scary movies, when the Bible is full of spooky exciting adventure? Then Jack joins us for a segment of Truck talks! Also Pastor Chips Ross lets us know if he is a fan of scary things! Gather the family around and enjoy one hour of spooky fun! Please share this episode with your friends!

this episode is on YouTube also-Spooky Bible Stories- https://youtu.be/6Yd9Ck9CFL0

witch of Endor- https://youtu.be/ex8Jw7CjPCE
Jesus walks on water- https://youtu.be/D0m3DocgFkM
Man possessed by demons- https://youtu.be/q8U6HGVlJGU
Jesus raised Lazarus from dead-https://youtu.be/ct6whNNApmA

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