Let’s Get Jacked Up!-(LIVE) PERSECUTION

On this “Live” episode, We talk about Christian Persecution. How does it effect Christians around the world and here in the united States. Tim has 2 audio clips for you, Motorcycle Steve drives by, and Johnny Iron McMahon calls into the show.

Johnny challenges Jack on some of his doctrine and Jack, Johnny, and Bobby go round after round, after round like a heavy weight healthy debate! Not to worry, everyone is still friends after this debate and we are all on the same team! Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven by the blood of the Lamb {Jesus}, and that is why we all need Jesus. Sometimes we argue, just like brothers. That is what this was. At the end of the day, we all still love each other and want to reach people for Christ Jesus! Enjoy this 3 hour plus show with a 90 min heavy weight match up!

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