We have set a course into unknown waters and have set sail to find prophecy that is hidden within the book of Esther.  The crew that Johnny thought most able to traverse the murky and uncharted waters of Esther are both Mathew Miller and Rabbi Michael Bugg.  Mathew Miller has been a Christian his whole life having translated the bible into handwriting by the age of 12.  He is highly advanced in the subject of prophecy.  Rabbi Mike (Michael Bugg) is author of  the book: “When the Stars Fall”; a book that finds prophecy that is found in the Old Testament also seen in a more complete form in the book of Revelation.  Rabbi Mike is an ordained Christian pastor and also an ordained Rabbi.  Listen deep as we journey to find hidden prophecy within IRON-SHOW-LIVE-11 the pages of the book of Esther in this;  the third step in our Journey through Esther.

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