IRON SHOW 42 – The Mind of Mathew Miller – Part 2

This is a heavy one on one session with Mathew Miller deep withing the IRON SHOW studio.  In this session Johnny presents some of his wild new theories to Mathew Miller including ideas on the term “Born Again” and spiritual reality and and quantum physics and quantum mechanics as it relates to the bible.  We also start getting into a study on the Day of the Lord in Isaiah 24.  Heavy stuff!  Mathew Miller was born into the church and as a youth was only allowed to read the encyclopedia the dictionary and the Bible.  Before the age of 12 he had translated and hand written the entire bible.  He has become a cutting edge researcher and preacher of the word with mind blowing contentions that will amaze you.  Kick back and listen very, very Deep!

Link to Mathew Miller’s Live show:
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