Hawaiian Volcanic Marriage of Jennifer Basham and Michael Rimel!

Help us get this volcano shut down before it destroys the power plant!

Come and join the Basham-Rimel Volcanic Merging of Missionary Marriage and let’s change the world together!

We are using our paypal if you would like to sow into this directly:

PAYPAL:  tpotktts@gmail.com

Gofundme link is here, please do share:


Basic Needs for this Operation:

-basic wedding ceremony and papers 100 dollars

-plane tickets around 1,300 dollars total from Taiwan to Hawaii, and then to the Big Island.

-air BNB for 7 days about 600 dollars

-car rental: 200 dollars

-Christian devotional books: 200 dollars

-daily necessities, flowers, scented candles and at least a few romantic honeymoon dinners: 200 dollars

-flyers for the Fringe Radio Network Christian Internet ministry: 20 dollars

-2 gas masks :40 dollars

-2 champagne bottles :50 dollars

-ring made from volcano ash :priceless

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