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Now, on to the show…

There has, seemingly, always been a bruised section deep within the human psyche. A chasm exists between humanities’ noble search for something greater than ourselves – and the brutality exhibited when those same citizens are delivered the hero, or heroes, they supposedly seek.

Possibly our dichotomy of being dictates this outcome; the flesh seeks worldly fascinations and distractions, while the soul whispers quietly that we shouldn’t look or touch, in a frustratingly confusing language which confounds our earth-bound demand for satisfaction.

This brings about a need to project traits we desire onto entities that reside outside ourselves, safely transferring qualities onto Super Heroes that are impervious to our brother’s attacks and ridicule. Have Supernatural entities always known this about us and present themselves occasionally to fill the void between desire and destruction?

The Fisher Kings mythos, for example, tracks along the lines of possible little g gods sent among the populace to teach humans after the Tower of Babel incident. Sent by whom though? That is another question that reflects a deep understanding of how easily our flocks can be led. Drawing much from the Enoch 1 storyline, I wonder if they became like the Genesis 6 culprits, cast from the fold because of their manipulative interactions with mortal man.

These Fisher Kings strike me as being seen as Super Hero figures by our ancestors, and initially gave knowledge; then it seems they quickly became disillusioned by the masses, or possibly something much more evil (that’s certainly debatable), and devolved into a way for we writers to understand societal changes leading to their collapse.

Were Quetzalcoatl, Enki, Vishnu, Oannes, Viracocha, or Osiris super heroes just after The Flood, before the beheadings began, and some sort of deeply imbedded DNA remembrance makes it easier to fashion from imagination the beloved comics and hero stories we create today?

We were certainly given The Ultimate Super Hero later, but did several lesser precursors create a framework for our literary hero genre today?

Either way, my foray into writing a short story (less than 10,000 words) involves this sense of wonder about the abilities of The Fisher Kings in particular, and how they might interact with accepted legendary characters in general…and if they may still be messing with humanity while time traveling on a silver surfboard over the fabric of existence.

Read, and hopefully enjoy, this little work…and I will present a background to my other books- The Fallen Files, and Dream Weaver in subsequent posts.

Thank you for your time, and welcome to the family.

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