FLYBY: Victims Elite

FLYBY victims elite

           The orchestration of unspeakable acts.

The plot and execution of massive agendas that poison us,

Enslave us,

And legislate us into forced compromise.

The manipulation of whole continents with wars and withholding.

The creation of monsters for whom we pay to be slain.

The distractions of interest rates, refinancing and economic collapse,

All the while the bidding for our souls like lambs at a 4H auction.

The network is vast and the resources, limitless.

The elite, the secret societies, the shadow government.

They relentlessly strategize for spiritual dominance.

They obsess over the esoteric, over knowledge, over power.

Over wealth and over immortality.

Over ritual and blood.

They tell us that God and science are incompatible.

They understand the power of the spoken word,

Of the utilized hand,

And of the determined mind.

They indulge themselves in the dark promises given to them.

They lavish in rebellion and mask it masterfully.

They rule this world.

Yet, they are victims.

It’s painful to admit this.

Our pride,

Our anger,

Our human-ness, wants to hate them.

We talk about them as if they are the cancer that has this world bedridden,

And wasting.

We make lists of them.

Make movies about them.

We talk about them to our friends, on message boards and forums, on the radio. Quietly of coarse.

We resent how they’ve systematically duped us.

And it makes us mad.

Angry, but also mad.

It drives us crazy.

It makes us paranoid and mournful.

It darkens our world and saddens our hearts.

We check labels and filter our water.

We are smart and we think freely.

But what we need to do is remember that we must never blame a victim.

Because that is what they are.


A young girl who survived the childhood of an illuminati family-

Recounts how emotional, physical and spiritual abuse were not simply normal,

They were celebrated.

Sexual perversion on children by parents, relatives and friends–

Ritualistic and conditioning.

Observing murderous holidays and bloody celebrations.

Betrayal at every chance, learning never to trust, never to feel.

Bread to be the perfect vessel for – him.


The ,quote, bringer of light-


Is it any wonder that the product of such a childhood,

A childhood that devotes its unfortunate participants into the hands of satan,

Is it any wonder the things they achieve, the self serving evils.

Is it any wonder that these children, broken, torn, psychologically rendered in twain,

Stitched together again by dark possessions,

Are capable of inflicting so much pain in this world?


Let us remember who it is we really are.

We too were once children, broken and tricked.

But now we call ourselves Children of the Most High and Royalty of the Eternal.

Showered in love.

Held in the loving arms of a God who has devoted Himself

To the complete and utter care of who He calls His.

Are children such as us raised to hate or fear?

Are we not called to restore?

To heal and to comfort?

To love and forgive?

Let us remember that we wrestle not against flesh and blood,

But against the powers and principalities of darkness.

These people are not our enemies.

Though they carry out acts against our families and friends.

Though they will most likely never have to pay for their crimes.

They are victims of our true enemy.

They are pawns to the one who hates us for the children we are,

And for the one we call Father.

So let’s forgive the victims that have been so enslaved by the dark one.

Let us remember that the battle has already been won,

And that the Lord Jesus has already defeated the powers of evil

And we rest assured in the victory of His hand.

We need not scorn the Secret Elite of this planet,

But pray for their return to the loving arms of the Father,

So He can restore His children.

Written by: Basil
Read by: Basil and Gonz
Audio Production by: Gonz


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