Episode 28: Inclusivity

Why do we seek to be inclusive and tolerant? Is it human nature or a recent development? Frankly, we are a bit skeptical that anybody truly adheres to a fully coherent sense of what inclusivity means. Given that Christianity is pretty much the most inclusive thing out there because “God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son so that WHOEVER believes in Him shall never die but have everlasting life”, why does our sense of inclusivity break down? Where does it break down? And why does it seem to be that the ones who proclaim the most inclusiveness actually  seem to live in an exclusive club? Where is God in all of this? Listen in and we’ll go there together.

Central Oregon, the Bend area, more specifically Redmond OR, is home to Free Indeed Ministries. Throughout the years they have aided the Church, the body of believers, in issues regarding their friends, neighbors, congregations, churches, pastors, youth leaders, small group leaders, colleagues and co-workers, and family members on issues of same sex attraction, gay identity, pornography and porn issues, transgender, transexual, sexual identity issues and all things to do with sexuality. John, 56, who used to live hard and fast in the Gay lifestyle had spent many years in dejection because of the rejection he felt by the Church and the people of God and is now an active purveyor of the Gospel of Grace and the love of Jesus Christ. While still experiences same sex attractions, he no longer engages in the lifestyle because of the Grace and love of Jesus Christ. However, the message that brought him back was not one that the Church was preaching. So now he and Brandon Visser, 24, spend their days engaging the Church and the people of the world in a conversation breaking down the preconceived notions that Christian culture and LGBTQ+ culture put up against each other, lay the cross in the middle of the gap and help people engage in conversations that otherwise wouldn’t happen. John and Brandon give their unique perspective on situations from their experience and the bible. Essentially, Free Indeed is an organization that seeks to equip the Church, to deal with social issues and love the LGBTQ+ community with the love and grace of Jesus without compromising the word, without fear, anger, hatred, or condemnation, and we teach the world to receive that love based on their identity in Jesus Christ. Cultural divides have separated us and we as the people of God need to rise above culture wars and administer the love of God.

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