Daniel Ott interviews Shelia Zilinsky

The Weekend Vigilante and I discusses today’s news to include the NFL, the Vegas shooting and the Illuminati, Weinerstein and Hellyweird, Antifa and other freaky crap going on. Set your Internet to Auto Destruct Mode!

Sheila Zilinsky will talk about How To Wage A War Against Violence, Corruption, and Division In The Nation Through Effective Prayer. her about Power Prayers that work. The Weekend Vigilante and The Cosmic Cowboy are two of the top personalities on the internet.  Listen as they team up to take on today’s culture. The Sheila Zilinsky Show aka The Weekend Vigilante® is the fastest growing show in the Christian alternative media. Her radio broadcast and ministry outreach extends world-wide. Sheila examines the emergence of the New World Order, The Illuminati/Freemasons, Agenda 21, Depopulation, Global Government, Big Brother, RFID Technologies, Transhumanism, and the coming One World Antichrist System. She examines news and world events under the lens of a Biblical World View with a focus on Bible Prophecy and Great Commission Apostolic Ministry. Her book ‘Green Gospel’ has received national recognition. She was the Winner of the 2015 Conspiria Award for Top Female Personality in alternative media. Don’t miss this exciting interview!


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