Daniel Ott interviews Greg Coleson

Greg Coleson

Quantum Shift Conundrum


Greg Coleson is a brilliant researcher and analyst. Topics: all issues related to “End Times” — Christianity, doctrine, religious and spiritual matters. Greg also discusses many different areas of science, history (ancient and modern), planetary and solar issues and what we may expect here on earth (it’s scary stuff because it is real).

Welcome To A Changing World.

Do you want to know what the hell is really going on in the world today? The right answer is, “Of course I do!!”

It’s not easy to know what will kick the door of people’s minds off the hinges. As Jim Marrs says it, “Your mind should be like a parachute. It works best when it’s open.” Better yet: “Your mind shouldn’t be a black hole from which no useful or intelligent conclusion ever escapes.” The trouble is, I see the world as it is and not how everyone is supposed to think it is. Many people say a lot trying to “tell all” but still saying so little. They’re all like the little kid peeking through the small holes in the big fence at the construction yard trying to see how the world is put together. Their imagination is working overtime to formulate an understanding of what they are seeing, but they really don’t have the knowledge of experience to KNOW what all they are looking at. I analyze all the details I find hiding in plain sight that have been covered over with multiple layers of BS, that are as obvious as wallpaper in an outhouse, and after real world analysis I can see better, real world, conclusions.  I KNOW how the world is put together and have found interesting conclusions

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