Conspirnormal Episode 139- 2016 Election Spectacular!!

Recorded November 7th, 2016. Here it is! We tackle our weariness and disgust with the 2016 Election with our 2016 Election with four different guests in three different parts. In part one we welcome first time guest, Rob Gray to the show. Rob is a huge supporter of Trump and we wanted to get him on to talk about why he will vote for Donald Trump and why he supports him. We discuss immigration, foreign relations and some of the scandals involving Hillary Clinton. You can contact Rob at: In part two we welcome back Rocci Stucci and Scotty Roberts of The Situation Room to discuss some of the wider Scope of this election and what the future may hold for the United States under a Clinton or Trump Presidency. We also discuss the Standing Rock stand off. Please check out the Situation Room at: In part three we welcome back one of our favorite guests, Micah Hanks to the show. We get into some of Micah’s views on the election and how he feels that this may be one of the most important elections of our lifetime and also some of the other more tangential elements such as John Podesta’s link to exopolitics and Tom Delonge. Please check out Micah’s other podcast at: And as always us at:

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