Conspirinormal Episode 93- Scott Bennett (Shell Game)

Recorded September 21st (Intro) and September 27th, 2015(Interview and Outro)

This is a shorter show then usual. (More on that later.) We welcomed a new guest to the show, Scott Bennett. Scott was involved in investigating terrorism funding and the links to international banks such as The United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Scott later joined the army and was then sent to prison on trumped up charges. There he met Brad Birkenfeld who worked for one of those banks. We talk to Scott about his experiences and what he has found out about how deep terrorist financing goes.

Note: While we were speaking to Scott he mentioned the resignation of John Bohener and possible links to UBS the internet went out. Not only that but Rob’s computer did some kind of weird computer reset. Scott couldn’t hear us but we could hear him so he went ahead and made a closing statement.
This was one the weirdest, strangest and intriguing incident we’ve ever had on the show. It could have been a huge coincidence but then again…

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