Conspirinormal Episode 169- Jenny Ashford 2 (The Unseen Hand)

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Recorded June 25th, 2017

We welcome Jenny Ashford back to the show to discuss her new compendium style book, “The Unseen Hand: A New Exploration of Poltergeist Phenomena”. Jenny explores the nature of Poltergeists, what she beliefs may be the root cause of the phenomenon, and whether belief systems may influence our view of this phenomenon. Jenny than takes on us an exploration of the various categories of poltergeists ranging everywhere from stone throwing to destructive pyromaniac poltergeists. Plus we get a visit from Gef the Talking Mongoose!!

In the intro Chris Wolford rejoins us to discuss the latest tomfoolery in the UFO community including mummies, fake documents, and threats from Anonymous to spill the beans on Aliens.

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