Conspirinormal Episode 144- Walter Bosley 4 (Shimmering Light)

Recorded December 11th, 2016 We welcome back one of our most favorite guests back to the show, Walter Bosley to discuss his latest book, Shimmering Light: Lost In An MKULTRA House of Anu. This is more of a personal story for Walter as he deals with a story his father told him about encountering subterranean humans while in the Air Force in the 1950s. We speak to Walter about his father’s story and the research he has done to corroborate it. We also get Walter’s viewpoint on the Roswell crash, what may have actually occurred there and how it relates to his father’s story. You can contact Walter and get his books at: In the intro and for the last 30 minutes of the show we discuss Pizzagate. This time we dig a little deeper into this matter has been labeled “fake news” by the mainstream media. Thad Mckraken joins in the last part to further the discussion with his viewpoint on the matter. And as always us at: If you would like to support our show by becoming a Patreon please visit:

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