Conspirinormal Episode 143- Micah Hanks 6 (Gralien Gang Invasion!)

Recorded December 4th, 2016 Surprise! We did not take a long two week break as originally was planned. You see, we had a nice 80s themed birthday party for Producer Rob’s main squeeze Alyssa who turned 21 years old on Saturday and we invited our good friend of the show Micah Hanks to the party. One thing led to another and we decided not to pass up recording a show with him. Lo and Behold Micah brought two other members of his Grailien Gang, Justin Biltonen and Jeremy London. We talk about a great World War II mystery, a personal UFO sighting, ghost encounters, Pizzagate and more! Eve to you!! As usual you can contact Micah at: And as always us at:

Link to actual show file:

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