Conspirinormal Episode 140-Dr. Rita Louise/Chris Wolford (Holy Deception/Tom Delonge and Disclosure)

Recorded November 13th, 2016 For Episode 140 we have a special two guest episode in two parts. In Part one we welcome first time guest Chris Wolford to the show to discuss all the controversy surrounding former Blink 182 singer and guitarist Tom Delonge and his interest in UFOs and potential disclosure. We dig into Delonge’s ideas about the nature of the UFO phenomenon and whether or not he has been chosen by insiders to pave the way for disclosure or he is just another “useful idiot” being used by intelligence agencies for disinformation purposes. You can contact Chris at: In Part two we welcome back an old friend from the Paradigm Symposium, Dr. Rita Louise to speak about her new film, “Holy Deception”. We discuss with Rita about the nature of God and the gods and what the difference is between them. We look into mythology and examine some of the similarities across cultures. We also discuss what the true nature of the gods may be. You can contact Rita at: And as always us at:

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