Conspirinormal Episode 121- Paradigm Symposium Interviews Part 2

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Recorded May 13th-15th, 2016

Here is the long awaited second part of our interviews that we did at the Paradigm Symposium back in May. In Part Two the theme is about ancient mysteries, ancient civilizations, and the uncovering of lost knowledge. We start out with Ed Nightingale discussing his work on the astronomical alignments on the Giza Plateau. Next we sit down with Laird Scranton and Randall Carlson. We talk to Laird about some of the research he has done on Skara Brae and how it fits into his other works on Cosmology. We also discuss global warming with Randall Carlson and his geological work as well. Finally we sit down with Scott Wolter and discuss some of his work, pre-Columbian contact and nature of skeptics.

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