Conspirinormal Episode 109- Mike Clelland (The Messengers)

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Recorded March 6th, 2016

We welcome Mike Clelland for his first time on Conspirinormal. We talk to Mike about his new and fascinating book “The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity, and the UFO Abductee”. Mike discusses not only the screen memories of Owls that are experienced by Alien Contactees but experiences these same people will have real Owls and what it might mean. We also talk to Mike about the Owl motif in popular culture, the occult, and as an archetypal symbol. This one goes deep into the rabbit hole.. or should we say Owl’s nest!

You can contact Mike and purchase his book at:

Also, in the outro we discuss Trump’s foreign policy and whether it is what the rest of the Republicans don’t like about him.

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