Conspirinormal Episode 100.5- The 100th Episode Extravaganza Part 2 (Favorite Guest Interviews)

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Recorded December 9th (Gorightly) and December 12th, 2015.

Here is Part 2 of the 100th Episode Extravaganza. In this part we interview some of our favorite guests we’ve had over the last three years. First up is Adam Gorightly speaking about his research on Alien Underground bases and various other bits of high strangeness. We follow up with Walter Bosley with a discussion on odd synchronicites with the San Bernadino shooting in light of his Empire of the Wheel series. Next we ask Nick Redfern about the Men in Black and he is then joined by Guy Malone from Area 51 and we delve into what they think might have crashed in Roswell. Finally last but not least we speak to Rocci Stucci about some of the work he has been doing and some of the topics he discusses on EBN Talk Radio.

Also in the studio joining the fray is Micah Hanks, Dr. Future, and Robert Heid.

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