CCR 107: The 4th Watch with Justen Faull

WHERE IS THE CHURCH IN MODERN CULTURE? According to Justen Faull, film director and host of The Fourth Watch radio program, not where it ought to be. As the world continues to “unite” under faulty premises, it appears we are seeing the marginalization of the Christian church, and an infiltration of mysticism and new age philosophies. Even more disturbing, the mystical side of Catholicism has now built a bridge with the charismatic movement of Protestantism, resulting in what looks to the prophesied Great Apostasy of the church. With the upcoming event to be held in Washington DC called RESET 2016, headed by Nick Hall who is touted as the modern day Billy Graham, not enough Christians are alarmed at the fact that the Pope will be addressing what’s supposed to be this Protestant crowd. The connection between the UN, the Vatican, and now the western Christian church, is unprecedented, and as Justen described in the interview, “Undoing the reformation.” Meanwhile, the elite propagandists seem to continue to push false flag events in an attempt to create the New World Order. With the recent slew of alleged shootings in Orlando, Justen Faull addresses the possibility of it being another false flag, a perfect confluence of central issues of the day: LGBT, gun control, and radical Islam. But what is all this leading to? What is the proper Christian response? In this episode, we address these matters that no one wants to discuss, and more!

You can catch The 4th Watch with Justen Faull here:

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