CCR 050: Confessions of Mr. M


CONFESSIONS OF MR. M. We were contacted by someone who claimed to have knowledge of high level U.S. government operations. He requested to come onto the show and give his insights, experience, and knowledge pertaining to various topics of interest including drones, military weaponry, government connections with entertainment media, shadow operations and more. While we expected this person to provide the titillating details of the evils being perpetrated in the quest for a New World Order, what we got instead was a mundane apologetic in favor of the government, it’s various intelligence agencies, and their sincerity regarding the protection of the American people. While this man, who went by the name “Mr. M” seemed sincere in his description of the details of various government and military operations, it’s up to you, the listener, to decide whether he contacted us simply to provide an inside perspective of the government institutions we’ve become so weary of, or if he came on the show as a genuine disinformation agent.

We were joined by Tim Kilkenny of Revelations Radio News to sit in the third chair. Visit for episodes of RRN.

You can listen to the lo-fi version of the episode Click Here.

The Confessions of Mr. M


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