CCR 045: Interview with Brian Godawa

ep 45

THE BIBLE IS FULL OF EXTRAORDINARY AND SUPERNATURAL EVENTS! Yet many of our church goers and cultural Christians focus only on our own personal stories while ignoring the greatest epic God is writing out in human history. In fact, it is so fantastic that only the genre of science fiction will suffice in communicating what it may have been like in the days of Enoch and Noah. This is the goal of author and award winning screen writer Brian Godawa. In his The Chronicles of the Nephilim book series, Brian fills in the gaps of what we read about in the Old Testament with scenarios that we are just beginning to understand through the discovery of many ancient text from the Ancient Near East. Influenced by Dr. Michael Heiser and his work on the Divine Council, Brian has created an exciting and intriguing way for people to engage in the conversation about the Sons of God from Genesis 6 and the Nephilim. We also hear from Basil who is traveling the vast lands of the U.S.



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