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Johnny and counselor Mark Breton nail a session about the man on the front page of  Pastor Tatapudi Simon Peter.  Please visit his website and help the good pastor feed the orphans, pray with the lepers and minister to the tribes that dwell in the foothills of India.  His website: LIVE IRON 50 […]

IRON SHOW LIVE 48 – Dory Lynn Etheridge, Mathew Miller and Brian Ingram – Damascus Falling

Heavy LIVE IRON with Dori Lynn Etheridge and Brian Ingram – Hosted by Mathew Miller.  Damascus Falling.  A discussion of end time events as they are now unfolding.  The conversation is mostly centered around Isaiah. LIVE IRON 48 – DORI AND BRIAN Mathew Miller’s website:  —  Brian Ingram’s website:  — Contact Dory […]

IRON SHOW LIVE 911 SUPERSHOW – Hosted by Mathew Miller

Mathew Miller hosts and all star IRON SHOW LIVE 911 Roundtable with William Ramsey, Brian Ingram and Dori Lynn Etheridge.  Heavy duty 911 conspiracy theory through a bible lens – all in the flavor of LIVE IRON. Websites:  Brian Ingram  – Mathew Miller – William Ramsey  Dori Lynn Etheridge LIVE IRON 47 […]