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Daniel Ott interviews Carl Teichrib

Carl Teichrib is a researcher, writer, and conference communicator who focuses on the paradigm shift sweeping the Western world, including political globalization and socio-religious trends, transhumanism, and important cultural movements. His personal research began in the early 1990s, and in 1997 this transitioned into a full time endeavor. Over the years he has attended a range of […]

Daniel Ott Rants Whole Show

Daniel Ott is the Cosmic Cowboy host of The Edge News Television Broadcast. Every week,  along with parodies, investigative and educational journalism, you’ll hear exciting interviews on topics such as 9/11, Angels, Near Death Experiences, Planetary Anomalies,  Black Ops, to Alternative Science,  Prophesies, Lost Continents, Aliens, Cryptozoology, Bio Warfare and  much more!  The Edge also brings in […]

Edge AM’s Daniel Ott Interviews Margo: Other Dimensional Contactee

  Margo has been on a spiritual quest since her teen-age years. She’s gone where few have gone…exploring, questioning, researching, experiencing…in an endeavor to answer the deeper questions of consciousness and our existence. This has led her into various esoteric areas including meditation, contacting angels and guides, UFO contact, mind control and much more. She […]