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TJT vs Mark! “You’re Welcome, Docors!” This week Basil chats with Mark! They talk about the perils of puberty and the trouble young mens’ choices can cause later in life, Marks perilous supernatural adventures while in a coma, and the power of giving (your kidney to save a life)! Don’t miss out! Podcast: Play in new window | […]

CCNT “Flying Cars & Emotional Robots!” – 05.29.2018

The Israeli Homeland Security just about figured out flying cars without anti gravity tech, and emotional intelligent robots means emotional surveillance of humanity. Make sure to subscribe, share, and receive our extended reports HERE to get an extra episode of CCNT every week!   4 Horsemen of the Technocalypse Update     Flying Car   […]

TJT vs JULIO! 027

This week Basil sits down with Julio! They talk paranormal activity, life in the military, and dont forget the swarm of bees! Joy Joy Joy! Also! Make sure to check out his new youtube channel all about life before Christ and the transformation after! Before Him youtube channel: Podcast: Play in new […]

FLYBY: Sochi Surveillance, the Moon, and Mars

  In this FLYBY, Basil and Gonz discuss the Sochi Surveillance that is expected to happen at the 2014 Winter Olympics. According to Russian reporters, Olympians who visit Sochi will have little to no privacy, internet will be fully tracked, complete with drones overhead, and tanks surrounding the Sochi area. Then Gonz apologizes for his […]

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CCR 047: Water

Lo-Fi Version of Episode 047 Water is an essential in life. Not only are all biological lifeforms made mostly of water, it’s something found all over the universe. Basil and Gonz explore the many facets of water in both in science and Scripture. They traverse from various fun facts about water, to water in outer […]

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CCR 043: Cris Putnam, Exo-Vaticana, and Emails

UFOs AND THE VATICAN COME TOGETHER IN THE BOOK EXO-VATICAN! We’re joined by author and researcher Cris Putnam on his reaction to the Pope stepping down, but also how this event might tie into the disclosure of UFOs and ETs from the Vatican. We also read long overdue listener emails including a message about the […]

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