Benjamin Baruch: The Seven Year Ministry of Jesus Christ

Benjamin Baruch is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant. His professional background includes money management for pension plans, and high net worth individuals. He is also the author of the underground best seller, The Day of the Lord is at Hand , that Benjamin wrote in 1996 as a warning to America that a time of crisis was coming upon our nation including a stock market collapse, currency collapse, terrorism and ultimately war.

The Day of the Lord is at Hand
The New Tactics of Global War
Bible Prophecy & Climate Change
Monday December 28, 2015
Author and financial analyst Benjamin Baruch shared his views about climate change, how current events are in sync with prophecy from the Book of Revelation, and how Russia and the destabilization of the Middle East play into Bible prophecy and a coming global war.

Host: George Noory
Vision of Tribulations
Saturday March 13, 2004
Benjamin Baruch, a professional money manager, shared his vision from 1996, when he said the Lord spoke to him, telling him what was to come in America: stock market collapse, nuclear attack and FEMA concentration camps.

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Host: Art Bell

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