Ali Siadatan – Flying Saucers and Fallen Angels on View from the Bunker

IT SOUNDS bizarre, but there are links between the fallen angels Paul warned us about in the Bible and the modern UFO phenomenon. Ali Siadatan of Think Again Productions, producer of the groundbreaking documentary UFOs, Angels, and Gods (link opens YouTube video), joins us to discuss the connections.

Here is the link to our previous interview, in which Ali tells us the story of his childhood in Iran, his path to Jesus Christ, and his UFO encounter on a dark highway in rural Iran during a visit with his father.

Then filmmaker Timothy Mahoney tells us about his forthcoming documentary Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy, which will be screened in 950 theaters across America March 14, 16, and 19 (this coming Thursday and Saturday, and the following Tuesday).

Plus: Trey Smith on Bill Maher’s HBO show; Venezuela still in the dark; kids strike for the Green New Deal; and the author of The Shack is selling bad doctrine.

Plus: There is still time for you to join us in the Holy Land this year! The SkyWatchTV Wars of the Gods Tour of Israel May 12-23, with Sharon K. Gilbert, Pastor Carl Gallups, and messianic Rabbi Zev Porat, includes an exclusive guided tour of Qumran with Jim Barfield, founder of the Copper Scroll Project.
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