Naked Bible 254: Introducing the Book of Exodus

This episode launches our new book study series on the book of Exodus! As we do with every book study, this initial episode overviews the sorts of things to expect as we progress through Exodus: difficulties, controversies, and other points of interest relevant to understanding the book in its own context.  Podcast: Play in new […]

Arches of Egypt – Episode 8

As far as these authors can tell what is written in this chapter HAS NEVER BEEN PREVIOUSLY DISCUSSED OR WRITTEN. The construction of the TA has followed a singular law or rule. The TAOT was established upon the conquerting of the lands of Egypt and Israel (and Babylon). The Arc de Triomphe (ADT) in Paris […]

The Atheist Who Went To Heaven | The NDE of Nancy Rynes

Inspirational, Spirituality, Testimony, TruthSeekah Podcast Share19TweetPin19SHARES Download – Listen In iTunes In this episode of The TruthSeekah Podcast TruthSeekah is join by Nancy Rynes. Learn how Nancy Rynes, a scientist and former atheist, transformed her life by usingspiritual wisdom given to her during a profound Near-Death Experience (NDE). Nancy Rynes is a spiritual explorer, making the path to a heaven-filled life clearer for seekers the world over. Nancy is a leading voice for bringing heaven’s wisdom […]