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SSM Ep3: Horoscopes and Prophecy

What’s your sign? This is really 3 messages blended into one podcast. 0:00: Discusses what astrology and horoscopes are and explores the sociological impact when a society embraces horoscopes, however superficially, for generations, from the perspective of social theorist Theodore Adorno (from the materialist worldview). 27:30: Explores God’s perspective when people embrace horoscopes, however superficially. […]

Brian Godawa | The End Times | What You Are NOT Being Told | Chronicles of the Apocalypse


Download – Listen In iTunes In this episode TruthSeekah speaks with Brian Godawa the author of the Chronicles of The Apocalypse series about the end times and Bible prophecy that has already taken place without us even knowing it. Cognitive dissonance would have us read over very key scriptures within the Bible that are very easy for anyone to understand and they already have a […]

TNSDF I saw Satan fall like lightning

TNSDF Andy and Mel talk about Satan falling to the earth like lightening. When did Lucifer fall? Was is past present or future? When was he defeated? For dissident prophet music : https://dissidentprophet.bandcamp.com/   Like us on face book at: https://www.facebook.com/dissidentprophet/   Twitter at https://twitter.com/dissidentp   subscribe to our youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/user/werenotgrasshoppers   Check out […]

CCNT “Crypto Casinos, AI Politicians & Young Blood” – 11.28.2017

Basil is back. And the world is in a science fiction frenzy.  Support us on Patreon! Starting at $5/month, get exclusive access to our Bonuscast (Extended Reports) after every CCNT episode! CLICK HERE TO BECOME A PATRON! LINKS Cryptocurrency Casino on Floating City https://t.co/7D0H9d9KSf AI Politician http://bit.ly/2BjXITF Thiel loves baby blood, Hates Gawker http://bit.ly/2b3SEXC  Nephilim Update http://bit.ly/2zvWmEz Podcast: Play in new […]